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Gain Access to 15+ Million HCPs & their HCO Affiliations

Better data & faster updates mean better commercial execution

Accurate customer data can mean the difference between a productive sales call & a waster trip. Yet an estimated 1 in 25 customer visits is unsuccessful, because sales reps don't have current data in CRM.

With Veeva OpenData now you can:

  • Get customer data updates 90% faster
  • Eliminate wasted visits to the wrong doctor or wrong address
  • Find new customers & promote the right products to the right specialists

Join over 100 top pharma companies using Veeva OpenData today.

Call Veeva Sales at 1-866-200-4739 or complete the form to watch the video to learn how you can get more productive reps with better customer data..

Features and Benefits of Veeva OpenData

  • Over 2 million emails available, all specialties and classes
  • Ethically-sourced, verified permissions
  • Instant access in Veeva CRM, or list delivery
  • Average 1 day DCR resolution
  • Helps enforce sampling protocols
  • Demographics & compliance in one
  • Simple pricing, no usage restrictions
  • DEA, PDMA, NPI, and specialty verification

About Veeva OpenData

Veeva OpenData delivers the right customer data, right where it's needed. Veeva OpenData provides comprehensive records for healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs), and their affiliations. Data is sourced from reputable government and industry organization, and verified by Veeva stewards, ensuring the highest levels of quality and coverage. Designed with a global view, Veeva OpenData provides a consistent standard of quality and service across all worldwide markets. For more information, visit

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